We are FOARM

Foarm is a young Belgian brand offering affordable contemporary design furniture, founded with a few main objectives and values:

Simplicity is bliss

The design of the 'Peep Shelf' originated from the search for wall shelves for ourselves that could be changed easily and in a fun way. We wanted to create something so simple that you instantly get it.

Beautiful and functional

Furniture should be beautiful and timeless. That's why our shelves are made of warm natural wood in combination with the industrial look of metal. But at Foarm, functionality is at least as important as aesthetics. We knew we wanted to create something that can be used for many applications and focuses on its contents. In other words, something that both respects people’s individual needs and possession of particular items and turns that respect into a real solution.


Personalization is freedom

At Foarm we believe that in these days we want to express ourselves fully when it comes to furnishing our personal and professional spaces. With the modular shelves we set our customers free and allow almost limitless creation by giving them the possibility to easily create or adapt to their needs and space.

 "No philosophical words, just thank you for your visit and a very nice day from the Team and I!"

Founder Foarm

Fries Porteman - founder